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Re: Multiple menus for the same event

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Multiple menus for the same event
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:58:53 -0500

    With Emacs-21.[123], if you do:

    > emacs -q --no-site-file -l checkdoc \
            --eval '(progn
                     (define-key checkdoc-minor-mode-map [menu-bar emacs-lisp]
                       (cons "Elisp" (make-sparse-keymap "Elisp")))
                     (define-key checkdoc-minor-mode-map
                                 [menu-bar emacs-lisp checkdoc]
                       (cons "Checkdoc" checkdoc-minor-menu)))' \
            lisp/subr.el -f checkdoc-minor-mode

    you get an `Emacs-lisp' menu that contains two `emacs lisp' submenus:
    one is the original emacs-lisp menu and the other contains just a
    `checkdoc' entry which is itself a submenu.

    With the code on the trunk, this is not the case any more.  Instead,
    you get under `emacs-lisp' a menu with a single entry ...

I think I have fixed these problems.  Thanks.

The current behavior is not quite ideal, but I am not sure
how to make it better.  You will get better results if you do
this instead:

(define-key checkdoc-minor-mode-map
            [menu-bar emacs-lisp]
            (cons "Checkdoc"
                  (lookup-key checkdoc-minor-mode-map
                              [menu-bar checkdoc])))

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