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Re: signal handling bogosities

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: signal handling bogosities
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 02:49:29 -0500

    FWIW, I believe Xemacs uses a home-brewed event loop.  which allows
    it to support such things as opening both X and text-terminal frames
    in the same Emacs instance, for example.  very nifty.

The XEmacs developers told me 10 years ago that XEmacs used an
inside-out structure, where Xt implements the event loop and calls
Emacs to handle each events.  That unnatural structure makes it
impossible to write your own loop in Lisp.  I rejected it.

They told me that it was impossible to handle Xt with a natural
structure, where the event loop uses the toolkit as a subroutine, but
we did it.  (Actually I think Paul Reilly did it.)

I will not accept that unnatural structure now, any more than I did 10
years ago.  However, I won't reject all possible changes in the event
loop.  It might be useful to rewrite the event loop in Lisp (keeping
its present natural structure).

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