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Re: iso-8859-1 and non-latin-1 chars

From: Ken Stevens
Subject: Re: iso-8859-1 and non-latin-1 chars
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 09:14:48 -0800

Kenichi Handa writes: 

> >>  I don't think the program `ispell' itself should be fixed.
> > I meant ispell.el, though it is unfortunate that we don't have a
> > spelling program that deals with multibyte encodings as far as I know.
> Sure.  Though, I see this mail in linux-utf8 mailing list.

Ispell _does_ support multibyte characters.  This was one of the
historical reasons ispell.el did not use emacs syntax tables to
determine word boundaries.  (It supported latex words that included
escape sequences such as \'{o}, etc.)

I am not sure what it would take to support all the internal emacs
encodings, or if this would be the best approach.  New libraries would
need to be built with the new syntax.

I have cc'ed Geoff Kuenning, since he is the ispell author.

regards            -Ken
Ken Stevens                                     e-mail: address@hidden

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