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Re: colorterms emulations

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: colorterms emulations
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 20:29:24 +0200

[Redirected to emacs-devel, since I think this discussion does not
belong to the bug-reporting list.]

> Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 23:00:53 +0059
> From: Han Boetes <address@hidden>
> I asked a question on #emacs on freenode.net ( nice channel btw ) and I
> got the following conversation.
> 22:22        Han| (trivial) Does anybody have a clue where I can set
>                   the terminal colors for termulators in emacs. I
>                   have my own scheme and I like it very much.
> 22:22        Han| http://www.xs4all.nl/~hanb/configs/dot-Xdefaults
> 22:44  kensanata| Han: terminal colors -- there is a variable for this.
> 22:45        Han| Easiest thing would be if emacs would read the
>                   .Xdefaults.
> 22:45  kensanata| Han: emacs does read face definitions from xdefaults,
>                   but terminal colors are in an array of color names,
>                   not faces.
> 22:47  kensanata| hm.
> 22:47  kensanata| Han: reading term.el, it seems that the faces are
>                   created using make-face and copy-face instead of
>                   using the defface special form.
> 22:47  kensanata| you could report that as a bug...  i would
>                   prefer defface...
> 22:48  kensanata| Han: example code fragment:
>                   (set-face-foreground 'term-green "green")
> 22:48  kensanata| ugly...
> 22:49        Han| Perhaps there is a good (=portability) reason for
>                   that?
> 22:49  kensanata| no.  this is old code.
> 22:49  kensanata| in your case, write a set of defface expressions,
>                   and eval-after-load term...
> 22:49  kensanata| Han: the copyright line ends in 1995
> 22:50  kensanata| ugh.
> 22:50        Han| lol
> 22:51        Han| I don't what it al means but I'll send a polite
>                   request to emacs-bugreport-something list.
> 22:51        Han| With a paste of this conversation.
> 22:52  kensanata| Han: do that.  :)
> So he found some very old, outdated code. Perhaps somebody would like
> to take a look at it.

I'm not sure I see how that code would be useful.  Emacs 21.x allows
users to customize their colors via the functions
tty-modify-color-alist and tty-color-alist.  Aren't those enough for
what's needed?

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