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Tramp changelog entries messes up lisp/ChangeLog

From: Kim F. Storm
Subject: Tramp changelog entries messes up lisp/ChangeLog
Date: 06 Feb 2003 00:12:34 +0100
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I noticed that Kai (again) has included a big section of another
ChangeLog file (for Tramp) into lisp/ChangeLog maintaining the dates
of the original changelog.  I don't object to keeping those dates, but
it completely messes up the sequence of entries in the ChangeLog file,
as illustrated below.

I would suggest creating a new lisp/net/tramp/ directory and move
the tramp*.el files there, and create a separate ChangeLog file there.
I suppose it will then make sense to move all of the tramp related
changelog entries from lisp/ChangeLog to lisp/net/tramp/ChangeLog.

Here's the evidence:

2003-02-05  Kai Großjohann  <address@hidden>

        * net/tramp.el: Version 2.0.29 released.

2003-02-04  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-02-03  Kai Großjohann  <address@hidden>
2003-01-28  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-27  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-25  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-24  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-21  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-21  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-14  Kai Großjohann  <address@hidden>
2003-01-13  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-12  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-02  Michael Albinus  <address@hidden>
2003-01-02  Kai Großjohann  <address@hidden>

.. time warp ...

2003-02-04  Richard M. Stallman  <address@hidden>
2003-02-04  Juanma Barranquero  <address@hidden>
2003-02-04  Francesco Potortì  <address@hidden>
2003-02-04  Kim F. Storm  <address@hidden>
2003-02-03  Juanma Barranquero  <address@hidden>

Kim F. Storm <address@hidden> http://www.cua.dk

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