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Re: mode name

From: Tak Ota
Subject: Re: mode name
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 14:33:12 -0800 (PST)

Fri, 07 Feb 2003 04:19:41 -0500: Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

>     Can we change all those spaces in mode name to '-' so that each mode
>     name stands out from each other?
> That may be a good idea.  Could you tell me a list of these modes
> that would be changed?

cd d:/emacs/emacs-21.3.50/lisp/
find "." -type d "(" -name RCS -o -name CVS -o -name SCCS ")" -prune -o -type f 
"!" -name "*~" "!" -name "*,v" "!" -name "s.*" -name "*.el" -print0 | xargs -0 
-e grep -n  -e "(define-derived-mode.*\"[^\"]* .[^\"]*\""  NUL
./add-log.el:589:(define-derived-mode change-log-mode text-mode "Change Log"
./calendar/todo-mode.el:931:(define-derived-mode todo-edit-mode text-mode "TODO 
./cmuscheme.el:160:(define-derived-mode inferior-scheme-mode comint-mode 
"Inferior Scheme"
./emacs-lisp/lisp-mode.el:375:(define-derived-mode lisp-interaction-mode 
emacs-lisp-mode "Lisp Interaction"
./gdb-ui.el:368:(define-derived-mode gdb-inferior-io-mode comint-mode "Debuggee 
./gnus/gnus-art.el:4143:(define-derived-mode gnus-article-edit-mode text-mode 
"Article Edit"
./progmodes/ps-mode.el:977:(define-derived-mode ps-run-mode fundamental-mode 
"Interactive PS"
./progmodes/tcl.el:1091:(define-derived-mode inferior-tcl-mode comint-mode 
"Inferior Tcl"
./vc.el:2096:(define-derived-mode vc-dired-mode dired-mode "Dired under VC"

cd d:/emacs/emacs-21.3.50/lisp/
find "." -type d "(" -name RCS -o -name CVS -o -name SCCS ")" -prune -o -type f 
"!" -name "*~" "!" -name "*,v" "!" -name "s.*" -name "*.el" -print0 | xargs -0 
-e grep -n  -e "setq mode-name \"[^\"]* [^\"]*\""  NUL
./bookmark.el:1625:  (setq mode-name "Bookmark Menu")
./buff-menu.el:173:  (setq mode-name "Buffer Menu")
./calc/calc-yank.el:445:    (setq mode-name "Calc Edit")
./calc/calc.el:1045:  (setq mode-name "Calc Trail")
./chistory.el:146:  (setq mode-name "Command History")
./dired-x.el:684:  (setq mode-name "Virtual Dired"
./ebuff-menu.el:149:  (setq mode-name "Electric Buffer Menu")
./echistory.el:120:                 (setq mode-name "Electric History")
./edmacro.el:146:       (setq mode-name "Edit Macro")
./emacs-lisp/edebug.el:4027:  (setq mode-name "Edebug Eval")
./eshell/esh-test.el:163:      (setq mode-name "EShell Test")
./gnus/gnus-eform.el:82:  (setq mode-name "Edit Form")
./gnus/gnus-salt.el:979:  (setq mode-name "Gnus Carpal")
./gnus/gnus-srvr.el:670:  (setq mode-name "Browse Server")
./info.el:2461:  (setq mode-name "Info Edit")
./international/swedish.el:150:;   (setq mode-name "Indented Swedish")
./mail/rmailedit.el:63:  (setq mode-name "RMAIL Edit")
./mail/rmailsum.el:739:  (setq mode-name "RMAIL Summary")
./net/ange-ftp.el:1967:  (setq mode-name "Internal Ange-ftp")
./obsolete/rnewspost.el:130:  (setq mode-name "News Reply")
./progmodes/cpp.el:471:  (setq mode-name "CPP Edit")
./progmodes/ebrowse.el:2016:  (setq mode-name "Electric Position Menu"
./progmodes/ebrowse.el:3977:  (setq mode-name "Electric Position Menu"
./progmodes/inf-lisp.el:253:  (setq mode-name "Inferior Lisp")
./simple.el:3951:  (setq mode-name "Completion List")
./terminal.el:533:  (setq mode-name "Terminal Edit")
./textmodes/page-ext.el:803:  (setq mode-name "Addresses Directory")
./xscheme.el:360:  (setq mode-name "Scheme Interaction"))
./xscheme.el:416:  (setq mode-name "Scheme Debugger"))


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