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Re: gtk-emacs won't raise frame

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: gtk-emacs won't raise frame
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 12:21:40 +0100 (CET)

> Um, yes, C-x 5 o it is.  Thanks, I checked it out and C-x 5 o now
> switches between the frames in both the gtk and lt versions.  But now
> there's a new anoyance: the frame gets lowered on all kinds of input
> events, which is most easily demonstrated by selecting a menu from the
> menubar when Emacs' frame covers another (I use Emacs and Galeon on
> the main workspace of WindowMaker), leaving the menu like it was a
> popup of the other apps frame.

I can not see this on any window manager.  I do not have Galeon though.
Does this really happen if you run emacs -q --no-site-file?

> Tearing of the toolbar (gtk version only) isn't quite usable yet, as
> its roll-off menus don't readjust themselfs at screen edges. Drag the
> bar to the bottom of the screen and click on the '?' button: only the
> upper edge of the menu is visable.
> Last for now, I use a custom other-frame function:
> which can deiconify a frame with emacs-lesstif, but not with
> emacs-gtk?  What gives?

I fixed that.

        Jan D.

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