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GTK Emacs: toolbar disappears in GTK2 "Text Only" mode

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: GTK Emacs: toolbar disappears in GTK2 "Text Only" mode
Date: 16 Feb 2003 19:43:55 -0800
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2

After "cvs update"-ing CVS HEAD, I attempted a clean build with GTK
engaged (after removing my old Emacs build and installation
directory), using "configure/make bootstrap".

$ ~/src/remote-cvs/gnu.org/emacs/configure --prefix=/opt/EmacsCVS --with-gtk
$ make bootstrap
$ sudo make install

I then ran the installed version:

$ /opt/EmacsCVS/bin/emacs -q

I can see the toolbar (and the tooltips are there), but none of the
toolbar pixmap icons appear, just little button-like squares appear
(with associated tooltips) under my mouse as I scan across the

I eventually realised that this was due to my GTK "Menu and Toolbar
Preferences" "Button Labels" was set to "Text Only".  This is OK for
most other GTK2 apps, which already have text versions of the buttons,
but in the case of Emacs, this just causes the buttons to become
almost invisible, since there doesn't appear to be alternative text
versions of these buttons.

I think Emacs should do a combination of two things in this situation:

1. have a separate variable to override/ignore the GTK2 preference,
   and display the icons regardless of the "Button Label" preference

2. supply "text-only" versions of the pixmaps so the toolbar looks OK
   when "Text Only" buttons are selected

My preference is that the default be (2), as it would make Emacs
behave consistently with respect to other GTK2 applications.  An
additional (non-default) option could be added to support (1).  This
would seem to add the maximum configurability whilst retaining the
consistent GTK2 behaviour.

The behaviour should certainly not be left as it is, because the
toolbar basically becomes invisible when the GTK2 preference is
switched leading to confusion (as it clearly did in my case).

Otherwise, very nice job on the toolbar!  It's great to be able to
tear it off like a regular GTK app!


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