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Re: address@hidden: x-font-family-list gives incomplete results]

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: address@hidden: x-font-family-list gives incomplete results]
Date: 18 Feb 2003 16:49:48 +0000
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.2

"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:

> Here is a proposed patch.  Comments welcome.  I can not do the mac and
> w32 parts, because I have no development environment on such systems.

Thanks a lot for looking at it.

Unfortunately with it I see the following at startup, which I don't
have time to debug now:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
free (mem=0x102bf6fc) at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/../malloc/malloc.c:3369
3369      if (chunk_is_mmapped(p))                       /* release mmapped 
memory. */
(gdb) bt
#0  free (mem=0x102bf6fc)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/../malloc/malloc.c:3369
#1  0x00101f64 in emacs_blocked_free (ptr=0x102bf6fc)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/alloc.c:694
#2  0x0016a234 in free (mem=0x0)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/../malloc/malloc.c:3359
#3  0x00101cf0 in xfree (block=0x102bf6fc)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/alloc.c:565
#4  0x00070ba0 in sorted_font_list (f=0x526580, 
    pattern=0xefffc958 "-*-helv-*-ISO8859-1", cmpfn=0x70bac <cmp_font_names>, 
    fonts=0xefffcb8c) at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:2583
#5  0x00070dc0 in font_list_1 (f=0x526580, pattern=-268449448, family=2965540, 
    registry=5939040, fonts=0xefffcb8c)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:2672
#6  0x00070e50 in font_list (f=0x526580, pattern=271316684, family=808725812, 
    registry=811251612, fonts=0xefffcb8c)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:2717
#7  0x00078298 in try_alternative_families (f=0x526580, family=808725812, 
    registry=811251612, fonts=0xefffcb8c)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:6301
#8  0x000783fc in try_font_list (f=0x526580, attrs=0x30342d34, 
    family=811251596, registry=811251612, fonts=0xefffcb8c, 
    prefer_face_family=1) at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:6361
#9  0x00078604 in choose_face_font (f=0x526580, attrs=0x5a6ed8, fontset=14, 
    c=0, needs_overstrike=0xefffcbfc)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:6456
#10 0x0006f68c in load_face_font (f=0x526580, face=0x5a6e90, c=0)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:1265
#11 0x0007916c in realize_face (cache=0x526580, attrs=0x102cc104, c=0, 
    base_face=0x102cc104, former_face_id=271368452)
    at /net/pxfs5/home/fx/esrc/src/xfaces.c:6704

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