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Re: MAIL_USE_FLOCK and Debian.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: MAIL_USE_FLOCK and Debian.
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:44:39 -0500

    Given the discussion so far, it seems like we could:

      - provide a run-time choice between the flock/lockf and maillock
        approaches on systems that support both, along with a
        configure-time choice between the liblockfile and libmail
        implementations of maillock when relevant.

      - provide a run-time choice between flock/lockf, maillock via
        libmail, and the liblockfile algorithm.  With this approach, we
        wouldn't use liblockfile itself (because its maillock would
        conflict with libmail's), just the code.  Though direct use of the
        code definitely has potential maintenance issues, at least as far
        as Debian policy is concerned, I believe that just implementing
        the algorithm is acceptable.  Of course, if we did use the code
        directly, we'd need copyright assignments.

      - build-time choice only -- similar to what we have now, but perhaps
        with an added --with-mail-locking=FOO which would require a
        specific approach.

The second is a real pain.  Do you really want to go to that much
trouble?  If not, our choices are the first and the last.

Would you like to do the first one?

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