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your assistance

From: james imo
Subject: your assistance
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 20:42:47 -0800

My Dear,

My name is James Imo the son of late Mr Emeka Imo, I am still a student of
University of Lagos, Please I want you to help me in doing one thing for me.

My late father deposited the sum of U$20Million with a local bank here in
Nigeria (GLOBAL BANK NIG PLC), my late father wanted to send the money to
his friend in USA unlucky to him he died and right now I don?t know my
father?s friend address.  All I want you to do for me is to send your
account where the money will be transferred as the owner of the money.

My dear I have decided to share the money as follows 50% for me 40% to my
business partner while 10% will be for you as my eyes over there, Please I
don?t want you to look at this offer as a scam because I don?t want my
father?s money to go like that.

Please don?t border to call me if you feel that this is a scam, as I will
also need your direction on how to come over to Finnish my education while
my 50% will be invested in your company until I Finnish my education in
your place.

Please I will be very happy if you can call me as soon as you get my mail

Thanks for your understanding

Yours Friend

James Imo
House Phone 234-80-331-27-410 

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