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Re: Build issue GNU Emacs 21.3 on MinGW32 GCC - W2K

From: Le Wang
Subject: Re: Build issue GNU Emacs 21.3 on MinGW32 GCC - W2K
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 00:05:27 -0500
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Dhruva Krishnamurthy wrote:

> Hello,
>  When I do a "gmake bootstrap" (MinGW32 - GCC 3.3/GCC 3.2.1/GCC 3.2.2 on
>  W2K)
> Build fails at the following locations:
> - calendar/lunar.el (EMACS Abort)
> - calendar/solar.el (EMACS Abort)
> - gnus/gnus-cite.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/gnus-draft.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/gnus-dup.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/gnus-mh.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/gnus-uu.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/gnus-vm.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/nnsoup.el (SEGV crash)
> - gnus/nnvirtual.el (SEGV crash)
> I am sorry if I have bored some of you with my persistent mails. I fear
> that we may end up loosing MinGW support for compiling GNU Emacs and will
> end up depending on MSVC.
> For me a true FSF GNU Emacs is when there is no forced dependency on
> commercial compilers or build tools.

You're in luck.  I just went through this very painful experience.  I've 
chronicled my battles with MinGW on comp.emacs (look up thread "cygwin + 
emacs + cvs build").


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