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Re: contribution for gud.el

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: contribution for gud.el
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 04:47:12 -0500

    I've added another debugger to gud.el.  In the process I refined the
    speedbar functionality to make it easier to plug into.  I also added
    functionality for a breaklist.

What is a breaklist?  That is not a term I know.

    I am running emacs 21.2.1 on FreeBSD so I was unable to run the merged 
    of the .el.  No toolbars....

Nick ROberts has made major changes in gud.el to support powerful new
features.  It is possible that some of your changes duplicate some 
of them--I think it is important for you to see if that is true.

    I merged my changes with the current head of gud.el version 1.175.

Thanks--that is important.

Would you please mail us a diff -c showing your changes?
That is what we would like in order to consider them.

Also, I expect your changes are large enough to need legal papers.
Would you be willing to sign a copyright assignment for your changes?

Please email the following information to address@hidden, and we
will send you the assignment form that covers the changes you have
already written.  That form will cover subsequent corrections to those
changes, but it will not cover other unrelated future changes to the
same program.

If you would like to make further contributions to Emacs, and you
would like to avoid the need to sign more papers when you contribute
them, you have another option: to sign a copyright assignment covering
your future changes.  If that is what you want to do, please tell the
maintainer you would prefer to sign an assignment of past and future
Please use your full legal name (in ASCII characters) as the subject line of 
the message.

[What is the name of the program or package you're contributing to?]

[Did you copy any files or text written by someone else in these changes?
Even if that material is free software, we need to know about it.]

[Do you have an employer who might have a basis to claim to own
your changes?  Do you attend a school which might make such a claim?]

[For the copyright registration, what country are you a citizen of?]

[What year were you born?]

[Please write your email address here.]

[Please write your postal address here.]

[Which files have you changed so far, and which new files have you written
so far?]

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