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Re: 21.3 smokes 21.2

From: Sean Neakums
Subject: Re: 21.3 smokes 21.2
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 16:19:11 +0000
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commence  Stefan Monnier quotation:

>> 21.3 is three to four times faster than 21.2 when loading files at
>> startup.
> Glad to hear that, but I'm wondering if anybody has an
> idea why that is.  I can't think of any change between 21.2 and
> 21.3 that would justify such a change.

Just a thought: Matt doesn't say much about the conditions under which
the test was done.  For example, if the machine was freshly booted,
and the 21.2 test run was done before the 21.3 run, the 21.3 run would
be reading straight from the filesystem cache rather than having to go
to disk as the 21.2 run would have had to do.

Further: I've been using a build of 21.3 for a few weeks myself, and I
can't say I've noticed a dramatic reduction in startup times.

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