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Re: Be prepared for "code clean-up" in CVS head

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Be prepared for "code clean-up" in CVS head
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 15:47:30 -0500

    About code cleanup, how about removing the pure X (i.e. not Xt, not GTK)
    parts?  That would not reduce the duplication but would remove a lot
    of #ifdef:s.  Is there a configuration that has X but not Xt?

It's not clear that the only reason for the non-toolkit version is to
support configurations that don't have Xt.  (I don't think there ever
were any such.)  There might be users who prefer the non-toolkit

However, they are probably few, and maybe it is ok to delete the
non-toolkit code.  I am not saying I am sure we need to keep it, only
that we shouldn't look at it purely as a question of whether Xt is

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