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Re: saveplace prevent me from quitting if ~/.emacs-places is write-prote

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: saveplace prevent me from quitting if ~/.emacs-places is write-protected
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:40:23 -0500

    Richard Stallman <address@hidden> quotes someone else saying:
    >     I have  saveplace enabled, and  I launched Emacs from  another account
    >     than mine, so, no permission on ~/.emacs-place. 

    Can you say exactly what you did, starting from login?

I didn't do this myself.  I don't know any more.

    Assuming we can reproduce this, what is the right solution?  Is there
    already a policy for how Emacs should behave when there's an error
    saving a file at exit time, and that file is managed by Emacs (i.e.,
    is not just a regular file visited for editing by the user)?

It may as well ignore the error.  I don't see a better alternative.
The user wants to exit and should not be impeded.

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