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Customize and inhibit-startup-echo-area-message

From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: Customize and inhibit-startup-echo-area-message
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 14:28:02 -0600 (CST)

>From my previous message:

   Now I understand.  You can enter (user-login-name) in customize and it
   will fool the entire machinery.  That seems to me to be a bug in

To begin with, I fully understand that this as nothing to do with the
problem Juanma is discussing.  I am discussing a specific problem
with inhibit-startup-echo-area-message.  The statement I made above is
wrong.  If you enter (user-login-name) through customize, then
inhibit-startup-echo-area-message gets set to the unevaluated string
"(user-login-message)" which has no effect whatsoever.  The only ways
to get an equivalent of

(setq inhibit-startup-echo-area-message (user-login-name))

executed through the customize machinery that I know of are to use it
indirectly, either the way Juanma did or by adding manually the line:
  '(inhibit-startup-echo-area-message (user-login-name))
to one's custom-set-variables form in .emacs.

Since both ways seem rather deliberate, I would not consider them
bugs, even though they would yield problems in case of completely
thoughtless copying.

I do not know whether Juanma actually bumped into a less deliberate
way to use customize to get a
(setq inhibit-startup-echo-area-message (user-login-name))



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