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Ibuffer as default

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Ibuffer as default
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 18:28:22 -0500

Hadn't it been decided to make Ibuffer the default (i.e. replacing
list-buffers) ?  Did I dream it ?
Also I see that list-buffers uses the header-line whereas Ibuffer
doesn't.  But I also note that the header-line doesn't look right
(I think it doesn't take into account the width taken up by the
scrollbar and it doesn't use the default face so the things
don't line up neatly).


PS: Turns out the header-line problem is that:
    - my header-line face uses a different font than my default face
      which makes it hard to line things up.  Adding a `face default'
      property to the string solves the lining-up but overrides the
      general look of the header-line (grey background with a slight
      3d look).
    - list-buffers-noselect calculates the spacing necessary for the
      scrollbar+fringe for the current frame which in my case was the
      minibuffer-only frame, leading to a result that's wrong for
      the frame that is ultimately used to display the buffer.

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