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New icons for GUD/GDB toolbar

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: New icons for GUD/GDB toolbar
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 23:51:29 +0000

I attach set of icons that Dario (see CC header for e-mail address) has 
as a possible replacement set for the GUD/GDB toolbar. The existing set have
been largely taken from the Insight debugger and I think it would be nice to 
our own.

I think Dario has produced these on a Mac running Debian (Woody) using the
GIMP.  The files are all jpegs and currently need to be converted to xpm and
pbm files for the Emacs toolbar. Does anyone have general advice about how
best to generate such icons?

I like the image of the running man that Dario uses but think that the contrast
used in the icons is generally is too low too see the detail. Also, I think the
idiom on some of the icons e.g. display.jpg is missing. 

What do others think?


Attachment: icons.tgz
Description: New icons for GUD/GDB toolbar

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