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Re: Customize Rogue

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Customize Rogue
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:22:13 -0800

>>>>> Luc Teirlinck writes:

> I downloaded initsplit.el.  I did not really read through the code.
> But does initsplit-customizations-alist not tell initsplit.el where
> everything is supposed to be?  If the user tries to fool the
> automated tool, the automated tool looses, no doubt about that.  Now
> initsplit somehow has to tell this to Custom through advice, hooks,
> whatever.  I am not interested in personally writing such a tool,
> but it does not seem theoretically impossible.  Whether it is easy
> is another matter.

I just took a look at it again (it's been awhile).  The alist does
tell initsplit where everything is supposed to be (based upon regexps
against the defcustom variables).  There is also a write-file-hook
that checks to see if the file that is being written is a custom-file
or user-init-file and, if so, runs it through initsplit.  The comment
says (I think) that, if you run Custom after initsplit, the new
customizations (which could include updates to old ones) will again be
put into the custom-file, but, because of the write-file-hook,
initsplit will put it back where it belongs according to the alist.
The only issue is that you have load all the split custom-files in
your .emacs to ensure that all the customizations are known to Custom.

John apparently uses this to split out Gnus and Viper customizations,
but I guess you could apply it to VM, Rmail, JDE, and so on.  Hmmm,
maybe I ought to look at using this again...  ;-)

What was the issue that Per mentioned about multiple calls to
custom-set-variables again?

David Masterson                David DOT Masterson AT synopsys DOT com
Sr. R&D Engineer               Synopsys, Inc.
Software Engineering           Sunnyvale, CA

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