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Re: compilation-goto-locus, pop-up-windows, same-window-regexps

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: compilation-goto-locus, pop-up-windows, same-window-regexps
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 19:35:13 -0500

> > I think there's a better solution: use special-display-buffer-names.
> > You can (for example) specify
> At the moment I don't think that would help me.  I only use one Emacs
> frame (and the doc string says "List of buffer names that should have
> their own special frames.").

The docstring should be improved, obviously.

> The doc string refers me to same-window-regexps,

This predates the (same-window . t) parameter which came together
with the (same-frame . t) parameter.
I actually happen to dislike same-window-(regexps|buffer-names) because:
- It is more difficult to remove an element from a list than to add one.
  So I prefer adding ("*foo*" (same-window . nil)) over removing "*foo*"
  especially since "\\*fo" or even "." might have caused "*foo*" to be
  kept on the same window.
- it is declared as a defcustom but it is updated by packages,
  so not only custom gets all confused but it's difficult for a user
  to change the variable (especially remove entries) since she might
  have to do it in an eval-after-load.
- same-window-* takes precedence over special-display-*, which makes
  the above two points that much more painful.

> and that I have already set to (".") -- but as
> described in my first message of this thread, using this setting for
> same-window-regexps and pop-up-windows nil still results in some
> strange effects.

I think the strange effects are due to places that bind pop-up-windows
rather than rely on the special-display-* (or same-window-*) functionality.


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