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Re: Old redisplay bug in xdisp.c, question about change

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: Re: Old redisplay bug in xdisp.c, question about change
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 14:44:54 -0000

            The comments indicate that the menu does not need to be
updated, but
            apparently the tool bar is not updated either, because
            is not set to Qt.

            There seems to be no ill effects from reverting this change,
but since I
            don't know why it was made in the first place, I can not be
            Does anybody remember the reason for this change?

        I think I made this change just as an optimization.  So it could
        reverted safely.

        Another alternative is to execute, in that case,
        just the parts of the if-statement that are really needed in
that case.

This particular change was part of a group of changes made to prevent or
reduce multiple unnecessary runs of menu-bar-update-hook on things like
scrolls, tooltips, mouse-1 with mouse-sel-mode, C-s, C-x 2 or menu-bar
clicks.  (The performance impact is so bad that I use 21.1.90 + these
changes for all my editing, rather than 21.2 or 21.3 which do not have
them.)  The second part of this particular change made the code match
the comment; at the time Gerd said this code dated from at least 1994.

It would be a shame if this change was simply reverted as the particular
problem (multiple unnecessary runs of menu-bar-update-hook on scroll)
will presumably resurface.  Does the fact that you don't always see a
redisplay problem suggest that the bug lies elsewhere?

Richard, at the time you suggested a good general fix was to split the
functionality of windows_or_buffers_changed into different flags for
updating the mode line and updating menus, though I don't think anyone
volunteered to implement it.  Perhaps a flag for updating the tool bar
would also be useful.


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