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Re: don't process $(LDFLAGS) with prefix-args

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: don't process $(LDFLAGS) with prefix-args
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:04:47 -0500

    Earlier versions of Emacs had a bug where user-supplied $(LDFLAGS)
    would be processed by prefix-args when building temacs.  The bug was
    fixed for 21.2 (or perhaps earlier), but it's back again in 21.3.

Can you find the difference in 21.3 which brought back the bug?  I
don't see any change in Makefile.in between 21.2 and 21.3 that would
relate to this at all.  It appears that the use of YMF_PASS_LDFLAGS
for all of LDFLAGS remains unchanged since then.

You might want to look at whether LINKER_WAS_SPECIFIED is defined in
21.2 and in 21.3.  A change in that might affect it.

    User-supplied $(LDFLAGS) is used with both $(CC) and, when building
    temacs, $(LD).

I see it is used with $(CC) when compiling prefix-args.
Anywhere else?  Why do you use -Wl or -Xlinker args in it?
Precisely which executables do you want those options for?

    This could be fixed by using prefix-args whenever we pass
    $(LDFLAGS) to $(CC), but not when we pass $(LDFLAGS) to ld; then the
    instructions would have to tell users to pass flags as they should
    appear to ld, instead of as they should appear to $(CC).

As far as I can see, src/Makefile.in already does this, except in on
case: when compiling prefix-args itself.

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