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8859 unification and Emacs' ChangeLog files

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: 8859 unification and Emacs' ChangeLog files
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 18:19:56 +0100
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I've learned the hard way that unify-8859-on-decoding-mode mangles
Emacs' ChangeLog files.  Now Simon (see Cc) has shown me that it is
possible to turn unification off for certain encodings.

Do you think it might be good to turn it off for iso-2022-7bit?
Maybe that would make it possible to turn unify-8859-on-decoding-mode
on by default?

Simon's Lisp was: (coding-system-put 'iso-2022-7bit
'translation-table-for-decode (make-translation-table))
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