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Re: skeleton.el _ versus @

From: Joe Kelsey
Subject: Re: skeleton.el _ versus @
Date: 02 Apr 2003 16:16:05 -0800

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 17:33, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> It was introduced by yours truly.  The reasoning behind it was
> that editing generally takes place left-to-right, so point
> should most naturally end up at the first interesting position.
> Also it allowed to distinguish between where point should go
> and where the region should go.


This makes things *much* clearer to me.  You are defending your
*private* change to skeleton.el.  It is quite clear to me that
skeleton.el, prior to your *private* change, had a clear, consistent and
well-designed interface.

Somehow, you got your change accepted into the core, radically changing
the meaning of @ just because you wanted to be able to edit "left to

I believe that this change to skeleton was sneaked in under the radar,
changing code which previously worked.  It is only because I cared to
probe why the default skeletons used by mmm-mode did not work, in spite
of the fact that the author is known by me to be very concientious and
would not have put these skeletons out without verifying that they

So, I can give you pointers to the mmm-mode cvs sources to show you how
the skeletons there have been unchanged since before your incompatible
change was introduced.  Therefore, your change broke existing code.  I
am sorry that I was not involved in mmm-mode when you did this, or I
would have screamed bloody murder then.

Please undo this incompatible change in skeleton.el.

Thank you.


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