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Re: Custom dependencies

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Custom dependencies
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2003 16:55:30 -0400

> >> > - The case where A is set to "the value of E" where E is a sexp
> >> >   that refers to B.  In such a case, the dependency is not part of
> >> >   A but of A's current setting, so :set-after is not a good solution.
> >> >   I don't know how custom could find out (or be told about) such
> >> >   dependencies.  OTOH, "what to do when B changes" is trivial to answer
> >> >   this time.
> >> 
> >> You mean that you could set next-screen-context-lines to `ten percent
> >> of the window height'?  That doesn't make sense: it needs to be
> >
> > Custom currently allows such things.
> But how does Custom change the code that's used to *access* a
> variable?

You don't understand: the expression is evaluated once and for all
when setting the variable.  Which is why dependencies might need to
be handled: to reset the var when things it refers to are changed.


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