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[Feature request] variable `init-file-loaded'

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: [Feature request] variable `init-file-loaded'
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 19:28:50 +0200

[Test using Emacs-]

The variable `after-init-hook' is useful for packages where part of the
initialization has to be performed very late, e.g., to ensure the
correct order of functions in a hook.

Of course, adding a function to this hook instead of executing it
straight away only works if the hook `after-init-hook' hasn't been run

Thus, we need a variable which we could test for a late initialization.
It would be excellent, if the name would be the same as in XEmacs:


  True after the user's init file has been loaded (or suppressed with -q).
  This will be true when `after-init-hook' is run and at all times
  after, and will not be true at any time before.

- Christoph

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