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Re: old emacs announcemente

From: Per Starback
Subject: Re: old emacs announcemente
Date: 09 Apr 2003 13:48:10 +0200
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

>     The question about 21.3's release as already been asked in the
>     pretester's list, 
> Why in the world ask the pretester's list?
> To get the answer, ask the people who know the answer.

It is pointless to test a pretest version after the release of the
real version, so pretester *should* always be informed of new

I thought that was obvious and it was only by mistake that pretesters
haven't been informed of the last couple (or more?) of releases, but
if you think it's natural that pretesters don't know if there have
been a release I guess this must be pointed out to avoid the same
situation happening again in the future.

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