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MH-E 7.3 released

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: MH-E 7.3 released
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 23:15:36 -0700

[This release has already been checked into the Emacs CVS repository.]

MH-E is the GNU Emacs front end for MH. Read on for more details.

Project home page at: http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/. 

* Changes in MH-E 7.3

This release includes the new features of an index view of unseen
messages in all folders, spam software support, relative folder
specification @ support, marking messages, recipient handling by
mh-default-folder-list, Face and X-Image-URL header field support, and
Fcc completion. Function arguments have been unified. Bugs have been

** New Features in MH-E 7.3

*** Unified Function Arguments

Any function with MSG-OR-SEQ in its docstring uses the displayed
message by default for this argument. However, if a prefix argument is
provided, then the user is prompted for a message sequence. If the
variable `transient-mark-mode' is non-nil and the mark is active, then
the function operates on the messages in the selected region. In a
program, MSG-OR-SEQ can be a message number, a list of message
numbers, a region in a cons cell, or a sequence.

*** MH-Index View of Unseen Messages

Use "F n (mh-index-new-messages)" or Folder -> View New Messages menu
item to display messages in the `mh-unseen-seq' sequence in folders
specified by `mh-index-new-messages-folders'. With a prefix argument,
enter a space-separated list of folders, or nothing to search all

Like other MH-Index folders, use "v (mh-index-visit-folder)" if you
wish to visit the original folder with the unseen message. This is
usually not necessary since the original message is annotated if you
reply, deleted if you delete the message, or refiled if you refile the
message (closes SF #701756).

*** Spam Software Support

MH-E now supports several spam filters including Bogofilter,
SpamProbe, and SpamAssassin. Spam that is mistakenly considered to be
good mail can be reclassified as spam with "J b (mh-junk-blacklist)".
Conversely, good mail that is accidently considered to be spam can be
reclassified with "J w (mh-junk-whitelist)" (closes SF #669518).

If a message is blacklisted, and `mh-junk-mail-folder' is a string,
then the message is refiled to that folder. If this variable is nil,
the message is deleted. If a message is whitelisted, then the message
is refiled to `mh-inbox'.

To change the spam program being used, customize `mh-junk-program'.
This should only be necessary if you have multiple filters on your
system and MH-E picked the wrong one. These customization variables
are found in the new customization group `mh-junk'.

The documentation for the following functions describes what setup is
needed for the different spam fighting programs:

  - `mh-bogofilter-blacklist'
  - `mh-spamprobe-blacklist'
  - `mh-spamassassin-blacklist'

*** Relative Folder Specification @ Supported

You can now use the relative folder marker @ in folder names (closes
SF #666774).

*** Marking Messages

Messages can now be highlighted with "' (mh-toggle-tick)", Sequence ->
Toggle Tick Mark menu item or the "Toggle tick mark" button. These
messages are added to the "tick" sequence, although this sequence can
be changed in `mh-tick-seq'. The highlighting effect can be modified
by customizing `mh-folder-tick-face' (closes SF #623367).

There is also a new keybinding "/ ' (mh-narrow-to-tick)" and menu item
Sequence -> Narrow to Tick Sequence to narrow the view to the
highlighted messages.

*** mh-default-folder-list Now Takes Recipients

If you wish to file a message based upon the recipient of a message
(such as a mailing list), you can now indicate that when filling out
the address in the `mh-default-folder-list' customization variable.

*** Face Header Field Supported

In addition to the X-Face header field, the Face header field, which
can display color images, is now supported. As a bonus, the external
xface-e21 library is no longer required.

*** X-Image-URL Support

Images specified in X-Image-URL header fields are now supported.
See the customization variable `mh-fetch-x-image-url' to enable this

*** Fcc Completion

Folders in Fcc fields in message drafts can now be completed with

** New Variables in MH-E 7.3

Variables that have been added to MH-E that have not been discussed
elsewhere are listed here.

*** mh-auto-fields-list

Alist of addresses for which header lines are automatically inserted.
When a regular expression matches in the To or cc fields of a message,
the corresponding header field is automatically inserted in the
message header. It also allows the automatic setting of an identity
(using `mh-insert-identity') to set an alternate identity when sending
messages to a certain person or mailing list.

Since this is a more general use of `mh-insert-mail-followup-to-flag'
and `mh-insert-mail-followup-to-list', these variables have been removed.

*** mh-show-xface-face

Face for displaying the X-Face image.

*** mh-xemacs-toolbar-position

This customization variable allows the user to place the toolbar on
the four edges of the frame.

*** mh-xemacs-use-toolbar-flag

This customization variable is used to enable or disable the toolbar
under XEmacs.

** Variables Deleted in MH-E 7.3

Variables that have been removed from MH-E that have not been
discussed elsewhere are listed here.

*** mh-decode-content-transfer-encoded-message-flag

No longer needed since the external program mimencode is no longer

*** mh-index-show-hook

This hook was never used, so it was removed.

*** mh-tool-bar-reply-3-buttons-flag

Obsolete. This functionality is present `mh-tool-bar-folder-buttons'.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.3

*** Can't Refile Message

Messages with invalid addresses were causing errors in ali which
prevented the refiling of messages. The ali error is now shown in the
"*MH-E Log*" buffer and refiling suggests the last folder used (closes
SF #680388).

*** Empty Body Triggers Duped Header

If the body was empty the header would be treated like the body and
was therefore displayed twice. This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mml or mhl Directives Not Always Processed

The mml and mhl directives used to create body parts were not
processed if one re-edited a draft, or if they added the directives
manually. The directives are now always processed upon sending the
letter. You may still, of course, use "C-c C-m m (mh-mml-to-mime)" or
"C-c C-e (mh-edit-mhn)" to manually create the MIME body parts from
the directives and then send the draft.

*** mh-alias-grab-from-field Fails

MH-E was adding aliases with angle brackets around the address when
there wasn't a phrase (usually, the user's name), to go with it. This
caused ali to fail which caused problems in MH-E. This is probably a
bug in ali, but MH-E no longer inserts angle brackets around the
address unless there is a phrase, which avoids the problem (closes SF

*** XEmacs Fixes

MH-E is now fully supported under XEmacs and compiles without any

In particular, the following now work under XEmacs:

- X-Face, Face, and X-Image-URL header fields
- MH-E logo in mode line
- Emphasis (bold, italics, etc.)
- Smilies
- Toolbar

*** Indexed Folders Should Respect mh-show-threads-flag

Indexed folders are now threaded if `mh-show-threads-flag' is non-nil
(closes SF #709667).

*** Threading Index View Loses Folder Info

This has been fixed (closes SF #709672).

*** No Undo Information When Re-editing Drafts

Undo is turned on in the draft buffer when using "e (mh-edit-again)"
(closes SF #712777).

*** Forwarded base64-encoded Messages Are Incorrectly Displayed

This has been fixed (closes SF #681518).

*** Append to *MH-E Log* Buffer

The last 100 lines of log messages are kept in the *MH-E Log* buffer.
Previously, the buffer was erased every time it was written (closes SF
#685476). In addition, many of the MH-E commands now send their output
into this buffer instead of a plethora of other special-purpose

*** mh-inc-folder Complains if No Mail and No Current Message

The function `mh-inc-folder' no longer calls `mh-show' if point is not
on a valid scan line. This keeps `mh-inc-folder' from complaining
(closes SF #678115).

*** Folder Normalization Strips Leading Slash

Leading "/" characters in folder names entered by the user were being
lost. This has been fixed (closes SF #676890).

*** Print Header Doesn't Show Message

When printing a sequence, the header simply indicated that a sequence,
but not which one, was being printed and did not show the message
number. This has been fixed. If more than one message is printed, a
page of the scan lines is printed and its header indicates the
sequence or message range. The pages with the actual messages all set
the header to the folder and message displayed on that page.

*** Aliases Constantly Reloaded

Empty lists are now handled properly (closes SF #693859).

*** Remove RCS Keywords

Removed RCS keywords per Emacs conventions (closes SF #680731).

*** Replace Mimencode

MH-E was enhanced to decode message based on charset and
Content-Transfer-Encoding. This eliminates the need for the external
program mimencode (closes SF #674857).

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