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Re: Mac OS X build fails

From: Martin Jourdan
Subject: Re: Mac OS X build fails
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 21:28:32 +0200

Le jeudi, 1 mai 2003, à 17:34 Europe/Paris, Andrew Choi a écrit :

This doesn't seem to be a Mac OS X specific problem.  Please read
emacs-devel to see when it is fixed.

Indeed, this was also reported by Vinicius Jose Latorre.

In the mean time, I built the CVS version on 2003-04-28 and that works

Works fine here too, except that I can't (yet :-) get Emacs to correctly display Mac-Roman-encoded files (accented letters, etc.) -- I am new to MULE and the coding-systems and the fontsets. Where should I start to read ?

Thanks in advance.

Martin Jourdan

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