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Re: `set-fontset-font' and ascii characters

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: `set-fontset-font' and ascii characters
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 02:39:53 +0200
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Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> writes:
> By the way, I re-consider the problem of chaning the fontset
> of the default face.
> You wrote:
>> Now, if an ASCII font was changed, Fset_fontset_font checks all frames
>> whether FONTSET is their frame fontset and forces a resizing of all
>> frames that have. This is done by the new function
>> x_new_fontset_force, which is like x_new_fontset, except that it does
>> its works even if new fontset = old fontset. (This is done by
>> factoring out a new function x_set_fontset_internal out of x_set_fontset.)
> Isn't it easier to call Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute on
> all faces that has FONTSET?  That function handles the
> default face correctly.

I guess so. Basically that is how I discovered x_new_fontset. I
started with Finternal_set_lisp_face_attribute and read the code until
I found the exact spot where the frame is resized. And now you tell
me that all this was pointless, because I could have used
Finternal_set_lisp_face in the first place? *moan* :-)

Allright, if you say that it is cleaner or easier to maintain this
way, then I'll look at it tomorrow.

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