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RE: [Suggestion] New function `sorted-key-descriptions'

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: RE: [Suggestion] New function `sorted-key-descriptions'
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 14:53:32 +0200

Richard Stallman wrote:

 >     [1] This function is already defined in XEmacs.

 > That is a good enough reason to add the function, I guess.  Did you
 > write the code yourself, or did you copy it from XEmacs?  If the
 > latter, who actually wrote it, and do we have papers from him for it?

The code for `sorted-key-descriptions' is copied from XEmacs:

 - 4 lines function body (the same as part of the code in
   `icomplete-get-keys', also in Emacs)
 - 1 line function head
 - 3 lines docstring

I don't know whether you need papers in this case.  Here is the
corresponding entry in XEMACS/lisp/ChangeLog.1:

1997-07-11  Hrvoje Niksic  <address@hidden>

        * prim/help.el (sorted-key-descriptions): New function.

CC to Hrvoje Niksic <address@hidden>.

- Christoph

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