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RE: [Annoyance] resizing of echo area is too eager

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: RE: [Annoyance] resizing of echo area is too eager
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 21:32:58 +0200

Kenichi Handa wrote:
 > In article <address@hidden>, "Wedler, Christoph" <address@hidden> writes:

 >>> [...] What happens if you evalute this?
 >>> (message _SOME_KOREAN_STRING_)

 >> The same (the echo area is unnecessarily resized).

 > Is it really unnecessary?  The reason why it is resized is
 > that Emacs detects that the message doesn't fit in the
 > height of the normal line.  Perhaps, you font has
 > unnecessarily big ascent or descent value.

You're right, the ascent is one point higher.  I see, Emacs then wants
to increase the height of the echo area, but its height must always be a
multiple of the height of the default font.

 >> Hm, this works if I `setq' that variable before calling `message', but

 >> (let ((resize-mini-windows nil)) (message _SOME_KOREAN_STRING_))

 >> still resizes the echo area.

 > Yes, because redisplay happens only after the execution of the above
 > code is finished.

Hm.  Unfortunately, Stefans idea didn't work: the echo area would be
resized after the `sit-for' period.

 > By they way, even with the default value of resize-mini-windows
 > (grow-only), the behaviour of quail input method should be improved.
 > Previously, it resizes the echo area so frequently, but now it makes
 > the area taller just once, and keep that hight until you turns the
 > input method off.  Could you verify it?

Well, I use Emacs-21.3...  I could try the development version if...

Some time ago, Savannah's WebCVS offered to download a tarball of the
head revision.  I don't see this anymore...

- Christoph

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