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Re: [Q] GNu Emacs/MacOS X/Font Encoding

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Q] GNu Emacs/MacOS X/Font Encoding
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 18:59:42 -0400

> | Most people in the latin-1 world use Emacs in multibyte mode
> | with great success, including using LaTeX.  So you'll need
> | to show a step by step situation where Emacs fails to do what
> | it should.  And then we'll either fix the problem or tell
> | you where you did something wrong.
> posting to Newsgroups from Gnus.

As Andrew says, this has nothing to do with emacs-devel and should
be on gnu.emacs.help instead.  Furthermore, your above 5 words
do not constitute a "step by step" description of the problem.
I use Gnus all the time with latin-1 in multibyte mode (like the
majority of Gnus users, most likely) and it works great.
Also, all such issues can only be meaningfully investigated if
you provide your language settings (locale and stuff).
M-x report-emacs-bug would do that for you.

But I do recall a bug in Emacs-21.3 where Gnus uses utf-16
when it shouldn't.  I don't think it applies in a latin-1 environment
bug you might want to check archives of gnu.emacs.help (e.g.
on groups.google.com) for it.


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