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Re: describe-char and unicode data

From: James H. Cloos Jr.
Subject: Re: describe-char and unicode data
Date: 10 May 2003 12:23:41 -0400
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>>>>> "Eli" == Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

>> Would a patch that expands that to also show the relevant data from
>> UnicodeData.txt be accepted?

Eli> What data do you have in mind, specifically?  Can you show a
Eli> (ficticious) example of such output, so we could iscuss that
Eli> first?

A current example output is:
  character: ʻ (01211133, 332379, 0x5125b)
    charset: mule-unicode-0100-24ff (Unicode characters of the range 
 code point: 36 91
     syntax: w  which means: word
buffer code: 0x9C 0xF4 0xA4 0xDB
  file code: 0xCA 0xBB (encoded by coding system mule-utf-8)
    Unicode: 02BB
       font: -Misc-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--18-120-100-100-C-90-ISO10646-1

There are text properties here:
  lazy-lock            t

I propose expanding the Unicode: line to look like (same character):


The alternate names, if any, should also appear on that line.

The rest of the data in UnicodeData.txt and its related files are
useful to have, especially things like bidi info, combining class,
normalization data, etc.  As the files do get updated, a script or
some elisp to convert each of the text files into elisp seems like
the way to go.  But if all of the data should be incorporated, I'm
not sure what data structure would be best.


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