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Re: Various simple.el patches

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Various simple.el patches
Date: Sun, 18 May 2003 08:22:32 -0400

    > That problem could be solved by having a flag that says there
    > are notionally two copies of the string on the kill ring.
    > If you append more killed text when the flag is set, it should
    > copy the string first, so that the original string remains in the
    > kill ring.

    I could try something like that if the minor loss
    turns out to be a problem.

We should not knowingly introduce an ugliness when it
is so easy to avoid it.  So if you'd like to install such a change,
please do the extra work now, to make that change not be ugly.

    >     2a - When yanking with an active region, do `delete-selection'.
    > This would be worth trying out, with a variable to control it
    > and disabled by default.

    I think it's too minor to deserve a config var.  If it can't be
    enabled by default, it might as well not exist.

If you install it with a variable to control it,
we can try it out and see what people think of it.

    What about the `2b' part (i.e. if the kill-ring says "foo" and the region
    is active and contains "foo", delete the region and replace it with
    the second element of the kill-ring) ?

That seems too weird to me.

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