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Re: loading vm reader causes fatal error

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: loading vm reader causes fatal error
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 18:38:16 +0100
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John Covici wrote:

> When I load the vm mail reader version 7.15 I get fatal error number
> 6 -- aborting and it goes back to the shell prompt.  This is with the
> latest cvs emacs (checked out this morning.)

I get the same behaviour. The CVS from 18th May was OK, that from 19th
May is not. Here's the start of a backtrace:

#0  abort () at emacs.c:413
#1  0x080b0de7 in realize_default_face (f=0x8c6fa00) at xfaces.c:6597
#2  0x080b0c4b in realize_basic_faces (f=0x8c6fa00) at xfaces.c:6549
#3  0x080a8a36 in init_frame_faces (f=0x8c6fa00) at xfaces.c:909
#4  0x08058144 in make_terminal_frame () at frame.c:539
#5  0x080581ad in Fmake_terminal_frame (parms=405453316) at frame.c:574

It seems to be due to Richard's change in xfaces.c from 19th May.

I get the same crash if I do:

emacs -nw -q --no-site-file
M-x make-frame

So it's probably not a VM problem.

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