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Re: bug in forward-visible-line: Patch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bug in forward-visible-line: Patch
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 08:56:43 -0400

> !             (if (if (eq buffer-invisibility-spec t)
> !                     prop
> !                   (or (memq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)
> !                       (assq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)))

BTW, how about a `invisible-p' function that does above ?
Especially since the above is wrong (the assq might match a cons
cell like (foo . nil) which says that it's *not* invisible).

Also while I'm talking about the invisible property.
A lot of code uses t as an invisible value that is assumed to
always be invisible and nil for the opposite.  A recent change
makes buffer-invisibility-spec always contain t so that t should
indeed always be invisible, but I think a better change is to make
the invisibility check something like

         ((eq buffer-invisibility-spec t) val)
         ((null val) 'visible)
         ((eq val t) 'invisible)
         (t (or (memq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)
                (cdr (assq prop buffer-invisibility-spec)))))

where the change is that nil and t are special values that do
not depend on buffer-invisibility-spec.


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