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Re: invisible text and point

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: invisible text and point
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 14:26:33 -0400

> I posted a follow-up to my original message from yesterday evening
> this morning.  I no longer propose "reverting" to the emacs-21.3
> behavior (actually, I only did this because I misinterpreted it
> yesterday, as I noticed this morning), but "mimicking it better", by
> making sure that (point) returns the position of a visible character.

Semantic detail (relevant in this context): `point' is always between
two characters, which is why there is no (char-of POS) but there are
(char-before POS) and (char-after POS).

> Since my conjecture that the infinite loops were also related to the
> problem was apparently a premature conclusion based on the fact that
> the bugs did not occur in 21.3 and happened at similar places as the
> other bug, we are left with the m and RETURN bugs in info.  Just

Yes, we need to address those.  Making invisible front-sticky and
not rear-sticky (in the info buffer) is easy enough.

I guess the question now is: should we give preference to the desire
to ensure that "self-insert-command will insert a visible character"
or to "`char-after' is what the user sees (i.e. is visible)".


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