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Re: gnuplot vs. emacs' compile command

From: Hans-Bernhard Broeker
Subject: Re: gnuplot vs. emacs' compile command
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 15:04:28 +0200 (MET DST)

On Tue, 27 May 2003, Richard Stallman wrote:

> >  What I'm less sure about is whether the wait loop for this subshell
> >  should affect all the rest of Emacs, too.
> What alternative do you have in mind?

None in particular, unfortunately.

> We're talking about a synchronous subprocess, which means that Emacs
> waits for it to finish.

Hmmm... some imaginary demon keeps shouting "multithreading!" in my ear,
but I have no idea whether that's even remotely feasible.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (address@hidden)
Even if all the snow were burnt, ashes would remain.

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