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Re: Idea for determining what users use

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Idea for determining what users use
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 20:48:58 -0400

    i deliberately widened the scope of my interpretation of the proposal
    because such a facility is useful for all programmers in a similar
    manner to how autoload.el, bytecomp.el and reporter.el facilities are
    useful to third party programmers.

We could try to make it useful to other programmers--I have nothing
against trying.  But not in a way that interferes with the original
intended purpose, which is use for us.

For others to be able to use this, they need to be able to specify the
email address in the call.  That won't be hard.

       Someone suggested "batching" these responses.  That can't be done
       because you never know that the same user will encounter another one
       of these calls.  The one he has encountered today may be the last one.

    whether one hit or multiple hits, IMHO it is better to separate the
    collection and reporting sub-activities, not only for efficiency but
    also to support user control/privacy.

I don't see how this could possibly make sense, but if you show me a
specific alternative scenario, I will think about whether it is

    like any code, its frequency of use is really up to its users once it
    gets into the wild.

The purpose of this feature is for us to use it for low-frequency
messages.  There is no sense in redesigning it to optimize
for some other scenario at the expense of the intended purpose.

If you have some other application in mind and this feature isn't
good for your application, then design some other feature.

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