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Re: Divergence in menu appearance between Emacs Info and standalone Info

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Divergence in menu appearance between Emacs Info and standalone Info
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:01:29 -0400

> In the example at hand,
> * Foo: A Node about Foo: ...
> the user will select `Foo', but then end up at `A Node about Foo', with
> no real way of making the connection between them.

I don't understand what's the problem.  How many users currently
actively use node names ?  From what I can tell, these seem to be mostly
used internally, much like URLs in HTML.  And if they want to make the
connection, they can just look at the `Node:' at the top of the
buffer which tells them where they landed.

Also, the actual node is mentioned in the tooltip that pops up
when the mouse is over `Foo' (or at least it should since the
patch I installed yesterday).

The main reason for hiding the text AFAIK is to clean up the menu,
and I think it's very effective at that.  Maybe it's only needed
for the `dir' file, tho, since the other menus are generally well
aligned already (because they are not made up of disparate pieces
like `dir' is).  But I also like the hiding in xrefs, it makes the
text much more pleasant to read.

> I don't like the divergent conditionals either.  However, I think it
> would be ok to simply say in info.texi, `Emacs Info does it this way,
> and standalone Info does it that way'.  I think that would be clear to
> users of both programs.  Better than (effectively) having two different
> manuals with the same name, anyway.

Indeed.  After all there are other Info readers, besides `info'
and `emacs' and they don't necessarily look alike.


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