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Re: Problems with info (emacs version)

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Problems with info (emacs version)
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 20:08:09 -0400


    Using the invisibility properties for internal Emacs purposes.  As the
    various problems I reported show, there is nothing "internal" about
    the invisibility property.

I do not accept that assertion.  The invisible property is meant for
other sorts of usage as well.  However, in this particular case
(info menus), it might be better to remove those characters from the
buffer rather than mark them invisible.

    `display' This property activates various features that change the way
         text is displayed.  For example, it can make text appear taller
         or shorter, higher or lower, wider or narrow, or replaced with an


    As a way to make text impossible to see, without making it invisible,
    by displaying it as whitespace (as info does extensively), or, more
    generally, as a way to display regular text as some other regular text
    with unrelated content, as an alternative for such lowly tools,
    typically used by the unsophisticated masses, as deletion and

I agree with this one.

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