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Re: How about using static link instead of dynamic loaded dlls?

From: Robin Hu
Subject: Re: How about using static link instead of dynamic loaded dlls?
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 10:57:18 +0000
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>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Rumney <address@hidden> writes:

    Jason> If you explain what problems you are having, we may be able
    Jason> to fix them.  Linking the image libraries statically might
    Jason> work well for people like yourself who compile Emacs
    Jason> yourself, but in the Windows world you are the minority I am
    Jason> afraid, so linking dynamically is more flexible for binary
    Jason> distribution.

    Well. The problems I have are really problems of lacking of
    version control for dll files. These image libraries(libtiff,
    libungif, libxpm, libjpeg, libpng) are also used by GTKWin32 and
    some other gnu softwares which are ported to mswin. Then:

    1/ These dlls are not binary compatible, so I must choose which dll
    file to use when start a program, which means I have to tune my
    %PATH% frequently just to make programs happy.

    2/ Dlls compiled by gcc may not cooperate well with programs
    compiled by msvc. When I used libjpeg from
    sf.net/projects/gnuwin32, Emacs compiled by msvc failed to open
    jpeg files.

    These problems, I think, can not be eliminated without a
    modification to the dll mechanism.

    Jason> Please explain. It is very rare to find a bug in a compiler
    Jason> these days. More often it is a particular optimization that a
    Jason> compiler does that show up a subtle bug in the code.

    While compiling with msvc with optimization turned on, Emacs will
    emit an access vilation exception while load a tiff file or a png
    file. I believe the problem is something related to lookup_image(),
    but debug an optimized program is really hard. ;-( 

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