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Not arch (was Re: Gud lord!)

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Not arch (was Re: Gud lord!)
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 20:29:23 +0100

 > > If there's not a natural grouping, keep the file in the top-level lisp
 > > directory.
 > As a thread not-so-long ago demonstrated, there's no such a thing as a
 > "natural grouping" for everyone :-)

The files have already been grouped once, though, by keyword and the user can 
explore them
using finder-by-keyword (`C-h p'). Surely thats enough. 

Perhaps the finder package should be enhanced so that the files, themselves, 
can be visited
(and not just the commentary displayed) if that is what the user is likely to 
want to do.


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