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Re: Info-scroll-prefer-subnodes default in Emacs.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Info-scroll-prefer-subnodes default in Emacs.
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:57:36 -0400

    Should I change the default and write a NEWS entry?  I guess we also
    need NEWS entries for kill-whole-line, vis-mode, the new behavior of R
    and friends in dired when applied to . and .. (assuming a final
    decision was made on that issue, this was not completely clear) and
    for Info-hide-note-references which never got mentioned in the NEWS.
    I could write NEWS entries for kill-whole-line and vis-mode and, if
    desired, for the two other issues.

Please write NEWS entries for all of them.

I decided what Dired ought to do, but it has not yet been implemented
I think.

    With Info-scroll-prefer-subnodes set to nil or in the stand-alone
    Info, we first scroll through the index and then go to 
    (emacs)Shell Commands in Dired.  It would be more consistent with the
    "browse through everything consecutively as if it were one single
    document" philosophy if we went to the next node, (emacs)Option Index


I see two ways to implement that.  One way is to have two kinds of
menus, one that represents the document's structure and one that
doesn't.  The index could say `* Index:' instead of `* Menu:'.  It
would work the same in m but differently in SPC.  Karl, what do you

Another way is to do the index using xrefs instead of menus.

Practically speaking, changing the order of Next pointers so that the
indices come at the end might make things good enough in the Emacs
manual.  It still would not be entirely correct, though.

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