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image support of Carbon Emacs

From: Masashi Ito
Subject: image support of Carbon Emacs
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:48:26 -0400

Hello, everyone.

I recently started using Emacs and was fascinated by it. Thanks very much for everyone developing this varsatile editor! (I wish I started using Emacs much earlier...)

Let me ask some question about Carbon Emacs. If my question is something quite silly, please forgive me (I'm a Unix neophite). Does Carbon Emacs (on Mac OS X) support image?

In fact, I wanted to use (or try to use) preview-latex with the Emacs I built on June 11, but when I tried to configure it, it said I need Emacs that supports image. And I figured out that in order to do that I need libpng and zlib, which I didn't have (unless they came along with something else). Then, I checked config.log (created when I built the Carbon Emacs I am using now) just to make sure that configure then said it couldn't find libpng nor zlib so that when I build Emacs next time with the necessary libraries (downloaded probably through Fink), I will be able to check if 'configure' indeed find them at that time. But I couldn't find any mention of libpng or zlib in the log. So, I wondered if Carbon Emacs doesn't support that feature (yet)... In other words, I guessed that the '--with-carbon --without-x' options of the 'configure' let it skip the check on the libraries.

Am I correct? If so, I might have to defect to X Window... :-)

Thank you in advance,

Masashi Ito

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