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Re: Savannah NEEDS sftp; suggestions and offer of help

From: Andreas Fuchs
Subject: Re: Savannah NEEDS sftp; suggestions and offer of help
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 11:40:41 +0000 (UTC)

Today, Jonathan Walther <address@hidden> wrote:
> Without sftp, I cannot use arch with my Savannah projects.  Two of my
> projects depend on the arch revision system to be practical.

If that adds weight to your request, another project which I had
intended to host on savannah, also depends on arch for version control.

> I hereby volunteer to make an attempt to solve the problem.  I need
> appropriate access levels to the appropriate machines, and a means of
> communicating in real time with at least one Savannah admin to ask
> questions as I go along.

I too have read through the bug logs and admin documentation and tried
the suggestions. So, if I can do anything to help test as an
unprivileged user, I'd be glad to.

> The window of opportunity for one of my projects is closing.  I'd
> prefer Savannah to be it's host.  Please reply speedily; I'd like to
> help resolve the problem quickly.

Right; the window of opportunity for savannah to act as a hosting
service for arch-controlled projects has been closed for too long. I'd
hate to see people resort to sf.net for arch-controlled projects just
because they offer working sftp and savannah doesn't.

> By the trust vested in me as a Debian developer, I promise I won't do
> anything untoward with any access I am given.

As I'm not a debian developer and have no other token of trustworthiness
to show, I volunteer as an unprivileged tester. (-:

I hope we'll get this resolved soon.

Andreas Fuchs, <address@hidden>, address@hidden, antifuchs

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