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Keyboard Access For gdb-ui.el (from emacs 21.3.50 CVS)

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Keyboard Access For gdb-ui.el (from emacs 21.3.50 CVS)
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2003 09:43:23 +0100

 > Nick --specifically with respect to gdb-array-slice
 > I tried that command already using M-x before the key binding showed
 > up --found the function by walking through the code as I was
 > understanding it --and here is the problem that I hit-- which
 > motivated my original message:
 > Write a line of code like this:
 > int a[10];
 > Place point on that line and invoke gdb-display --
 > this ends up creating a *display-1* with a[10] (itself a problem (but
 > a different one obvisouly)-- would be nice if that function directly
 > prompted for slice.

The parsing is done by gud-find-c-expr. It is arguable whether it should parse
it as a or a[10]. This function is also used by gud-print and presumably the
user might just want to examine a single element, sometimes.

 > After doing the above I invoked M-x gdb-array-slice --both from the source
 > buffer --and from the *display-1* buffer -- and in case it bombed with an
 > array index error -- for some reason the "string-match "[") call was
 > failing --and as a result the index into the various elisp arrays used by
 > gdb-array-slice --namely gdb-array-start and friends --was getting set to
 > -1.

This failed because the cursor was in the wrong place. gdb-array-slice is bound
in a local-map (set as a text property). The cursor needs to be inside an index
range displayed at the top of the window. This probably isn't very tidy but 
that the array might be multi-dimensional, so Emacs needs to know on which 
index you
want to restrict the range. (There is some description of all this in the Emacs
manual (CVS version, of course) in Building -> Debuggers -> GDB Graphical 

Don't spend too much time on this part of gdb-ui.el (display of
variables). Some of it is a bit buggy e.g display of complex structures. More
importantly, though, this part will have to change because the part of GDB
that gdb-ui.el uses (annotations) will lose support for the GDB display
command. This is because the GDB developers are moving to a new interface
called GDB/MI. I plan to re-write this part so that variables are displayed in
a manner similar to the Insight debugger. This should look a bit like the

It looks like there's a backlog at emacs-devel, at the moment, and e-mails
aren't getting out quickly. I won't address your question about gud-key-prefix
as there are others on the list who know more about keybindings than me and
who should be able to give you a better answer.


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