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Re: infloop when removing character

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: infloop when removing character
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 02:05:02 -0400

    809                   while (--cursor != ceiling_addr && *cursor != '\n')
    (gdb) n
    814                       if (++count == 0)

This loop increases count.

    (gdb) p count
    $8 = -516


    Program received signal SIGTSTP, Stopped (user).
    0x08140f15 in scan_newline (start=1086115847, start_byte=513066, limit=1,
        limit_byte=1, count=-9641, allow_quit=0) at search.c:809
    809                   while (--cursor != ceiling_addr && *cursor != '\n')
    (gdb) p count
    $9 = -9641

Something made count smaller.  Apparently some other code did run.
Can you find out what happened?

Did the first call to scan_newline return and did it get called again?
Please try using the `finish' command as explained in etc/DEBUG.

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